Seavus Products division is pleased to unveil the demo version of its mind mapping web application, iMindQ Online.

Aiming to offer every user the chance to experience mind mapping on different platforms, the new iMindQ web app brings a minimalistic user interface, with a greater focus on the working space and user’s freedom to express creativity and enjoy an enticing mind mapping experience.

One of the most suitable features of iMindQ Online is the option to save mind maps on the most popular and widely used cloud storages, such as: Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox, Box and Yandex.Disk.

iMindQ Online brings closer the creation and subsequent customization of organic mind maps. The app features a more clean-cut design of the side menu, where users can find a useful set of tools and access a variety of mind map templates and mind map parts.

Another exciting application feature is its presentation mode that contains the customizable options to present a mind map. Moreover, iMindQ Online will now enable users to present their mind maps with a single click.

Very soon users will have the option to choose from several subscription plans, based on their needs and requirements.

The demo version can be accessed on the following link:


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