As a company that stands for sharing knowledge, Seavus strongly supports events where the Seavus People can share their great expertise and know-how with the community. On 28th January, such event was organized in the Skopje office – the first of many Seavus CodeTalks.

In a relaxed atmosphere, more than 100 visitors attended the event. The CodeTalks was noted as a great information exchange for the development community, with two great talks – both of them technical and practical, humorous and inspirational.

Starting with the attention-grabbing lecture on “Testing your SPA”, Wekoslav Stefanovski explained how to do end-to-end testing of a system, how to test the application server code, and especially, how to test the code that executes on the client. The second speaker, Aleksandar Bozinovski, explained in his “Microsoft Fakes, Unit testing the (almost) untestable code” talk why we need Unit Tests. The event was closed with the interactive panel discussion LionTalk.