Seavus Gaming launched a new game! It is called Farkle Ultimate and is one of the classic dice games now re-invented for iPad and iPhone devices

Farkle is a highly addictive roll-the-dice game, bringing simple, intuitive design that calls for massive fun. As the folks in gaming say, Farkle ‘is easy to learn, but difficult to master’. Constantly providing new challenges, its crisp design will allow anyone to enjoy for hours of play, over and over again.

Farkle Ultimate free version of the game offers the following features:

Crisp graphics and sounds effects
Left and right hand user support
Local multiplayer mode
Game instructions
Farkle is a high risk/high reward dice game. It is very popular in the USA, Germany, France and etc. While the basic rules are well-established, there is a wide range of variation in both scoring and play.

The name “Farkle” is the most known name for this type of dice game. The origin of the term is unknown, but if you play this game, you will definitely hate to see the word “Farkle”.

So if you own an Apple device, go to the App Store, download Farkle Ultimate for free and enjoy many hours of play. Oh, and don’t forget to tell you friends about it!