Kostandina Zafirovska, Seavus Division Manager of Gaming Products and Managed Services, gave an interview for Macedonia’s most popular educational portal Fakulteti.mk. In the interview Kostandina speaks about her decision to pursue a professional career in IT, the everyday challenges and skills needed to work in this industry, Seavus’ latest gaming projects trends; her love, passion and commitment towards her work.

“Information technology came to my attention since early school days, only to later grow into a real passion for the challenges that it brings. The dynamism in this area is inspiring and requires dedication, constant upgrading, with many opportunities for development having a constant flow of fresh creativity. Considering all these “spices” choosing a career in the IT sector is a real pleasure”, explains Kostandina.

“Seavus is a company that provides many opportunities for each employee to grow and progress in the desired direction. My day in Seavus requires good focus and organization, it is dynamic and filled with communication and careful planning ahead”, she adds.

When asked how she solves the most difficult obstacles in her work, “Very simple – with lots of love and dedication. Each obstacle or problem has a solution. Someone may say “that is impossible”, but I strongly believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved. It is only a matter of time, means and results.”

Speaking about the gaming products, “Seavus is proud to have a great portfolio in terms of success in developing its own products and commercial projects tailored for our customers. In the past 2 years Seavus has seen a particular success with our game Yatzy, which currently records over 4 million downloads and is the leader in its category on Windows Phone and iOS platform. Confirmation of the success was the high rating and the positive reviews the players from all around the world shared on the Appstore and Windows Phone Store. Yatzy ranks number one in the charts in several countries, and is particularly popular in the United States, France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.”

“At the moment, everything is about mobile games. Smartphones and tablets occupy a large part of our everyday life and we spend more time using applications or playing games on a mobile device. Overall, as devices become smarter, so do mobile games, and each new innovation or functionality means new innovative solutions and higher quality games”, concludes Kostandina.