Seavus DropMind® Announces New Application Logo and Redesigned Website

After several months of research and development, Seavus introduces the new version of its productivity software for gathering, structuring and sharing information, DropMind® v4.0 along with a redesigned website and new logo.

The new DropMind® logo will be utilized on all market communication materials, and will be widely used in a variety of marketing mediums. The logo applies three colors, namely blue, orange and grey exhibiting the software connotation of being oriented by the Gather-Plan-Integrate information approach. Accompanied with website design that provides easy navigation, Seavus team is confident that the new look will allow DropMind® to step up the game on the market and acquire new customers.

DropMind® is a software identical to MindManager™ which saves 5 times on individual and 10 times more money on corporate level.

The new release of DropMind® desktop v4.0, introduces several new features such as Tree layout, SharePoint and Facebook integration, implemented to increase flexibility of relating and structuring valuable information.

Get more information on the new release on dropmind.com