The Seavus team is happy to announce another original version of Seavus Project Viewer v8.0. The enterprise solution for viewing MS® Project files now enables users to view, print and update .mpp files created in Microsoft Project® 2013.

Moreover, Seavus Project Viewer supports hybrid formats, allowing project teams who migrated to MS ®Project 2013 to save files as MS Project 2007and MS Project 2003 to view them exactly as they are.

The new edition also supports Microsoft® Project 2013 bar styles and auto-filter 2010 style providing focus on relevant project data.

Knowing how important flexibility is for their users, Seavus team also developed its application for viewing Microsoft Project® files in Modern UI style. Seavus Project Viewer™ in modern Windows 8 UI is available in all countries that are supported by the Windows Store consumer markets at price of 6.99$ per user. Before purchasing users have the ability to examine a fully functional 7 day trial of the application.

Using Microsoft Project ® 2013 for project managers can bring better collaboration, communication, and presentation of project management data, but the easiness of opening .mpp files, while cutting unnecessary costs for project members, remains the first and most important benefit for obtaining Seavus Project Viewer.

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