Revolutionary AI ChatBots

For the last couple of months, Seavus has been working on developing an industry-disruptive bot that can serve as a digital assistant, Smart AI Chatbot. It is an AI-powered solution build on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing that adds a human touch to its customized offers and smarter responses. It offers 24/7 customer service across various communication channels.

The AI ChatBot is applicable to all industries. One of the ideas behind its functionality is to fit with the needs and the habits that the “digital generations” have today.

- The young generation of “Millennials” use the phones to scroll through their social media channels most of the day. Our Smart Chatbot can be implemented on Facebook, Skype and Viber so that we can reach their favourite channels", says Marija Nikova, Division Manager for Banking and Finance at Seavus.

In this direction, Seavus itself benefits from their own product.

We can feel the benefit of using Smart AI Chatbot directly in Seavus, by implementing the chatbot internally in our company for automatization and improvement of all Corporate services: HR, Legal, IT, Logistics and Business trips management. Our employees can use “Sea”, our digital chatbot, as an assistant for asking questions and receiving guidance. The corporate services are being relieved from hundreds of repeating questions they need to handle every day and focus more on their primary service tasks. With this we expect to decrease our Corporate services costs, while our employees are satisfied with faster service execution by Sea, says Ema Toshevska, Product Manager at Seavus.


How can we benefit by using smart AI Chatbot?

Chatbots are meant to handle basic customer support tasks, guide customers through the customer on-boarding process, execute complex tasks to recognize and understand the customer’s intent, thanks to machine learning processes. Main advantages of smart chatbot usage are an extended capacity of customer service, increased customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and also improved, faster and more efficient service


How can Chatbots improve the Customer support service?

Customers are often forced to ask for assistance, during business hours. A chatbot can be available at any time and on different channels and can easily answer the customers’ questions using natural language processing.

- We will go from manual to automatic service. However, some complex issues will still need human assistance, but in the future, most of the chat will be able to be managed. It will reduce the need for customer service personnel and which will decrease the company operational costs. In the long term, the smart chatbots will replace customer service as we know it today, says Marija Nikova.


How do AI Chatbots improve customer experience?

Chatbots can be effectively used to register claims, check status on claim/policy or to locate the nearest branch, to initiate payment. Chatbots are capable to solve customer queries to a certain extent without manual intervention.

The smart chatbots can help clients to search policy options based on their risk profile and coverage needs and recommend the most appropriate product. Onboarding process can be performed instantly, eliminating added frustration, and can manage claims conversationally and quickly. Waiting time for the insurance and the overall process will be greatly reduced thanks to the use of Chatbots and AI.

Chatbots are going beyond the initial use for customer service and can be used as a payment platform. The customer is given the opportunity to make an order for the selected product and also pay for the order directly from the chatbot.

Soon Smart Chatbot will analyze user’s behavior and offer different package solutions based on the user’s previous actions and spending, guiding the user to make a custom choice. The end user will want to get a personalized service as much as possible. The user should be able to model their own chatbot avatar in terms of physical appearance and customize everything about it: from a unique face to personal response, says Marija Nikova.


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