Seavus gives its partners and clients a Special Christmas Gift – donation in their name to the Bangalala Secondary School Project, Tanzania

During the most magical time of the year Seavus has a mission to bring Christmas to those who most honestly believe in it. Continuing the tradition of giving to those in need, this year Seavus again replaces the gift exchange with its partners with a more profound action that will make many people smile.

Seavus and partners with their unreserved support are actively involved in building the Mama Azinael Hostel Bangalala, which is part of the Bangalala Secondary School Project.

Mama Azinael Hostel Bangalala is a hostel for girls studying at Bangalala Secondary School. The foundation of the building was laid in December 2009, but due to many misfortunate circumstances, the building process has been slowed down. With an aim to help Bangalala grow in a self-supportive community, Seavus celebrates the holidays with a donation in the name of its partners and clients for this project to continue.

“For us there is nothing more blissful than spreading the magic everywhere and making everyone happy”, says Vasil Gocevski, Operation Manager at Seavus AB, International Development Center. “This Holiday our gift makes our partners and the girls from Bangalala Secondary School smile, which makes the Holiday Season even more joyful for us. “With each donation one happy smile is born. And the honor to be the one who truly cares for that smile and makes it everlasting with a donation belongs to our partners and clients”, adds Gocevski.

You can find more on the Bangalala Secondary School Project here.

Seavus wishes everyone a magical Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.