Last week a small Java army of 17 Seavus people from Skopje and Bitola joined Java2Days conference, the major event in Eastern Europe focused on presenting the latest trends in Java development

The fourth edition of Java2Days was held on 25th and 26th of October 2012 in Sofia. We talked with and Jan Marincek about the event.

Martin Spasovski and Jan Marincek share their experience from the conference: “There were several new topics covered, first Reza Rahman from Oracle talked about the new features which will be included in the next versions of Java EE (Enterprise Edition), then we had Andrew Lombardi talking about HTML 5 – which is not a Java topic, but when building Java Web applications it comes in place. Also there were sessions about Hadoop and how it can be run on Cloud infrastructure, about making fast prototype Java applications with JBoss Forge, and about making Java Web services with WebSockets”.