Celebrating 1st of June, the International Children’s Day, for the third consecutive year, Seavus organized a special day for the youngest members of the Seavus family – our children.

Traditionally the celebration was held in the company’s yard in Seavus Skopje, where the parents and over 100 children enjoyed the time filled with fun and happiness. The humanitarian character of the event was again highlighted by inviting the children from the humanitarian initiative ‘Face to Face’, where they offered magazines to collect donations and joined the children fun altogether.

During the whole day children enjoyed a rich program were they were able to exercise their creativity in several workshops or show their talents for numerous sport activities including football, basketball and jump balloon races. Above all, the biggest interest among children was drawn by the puppet show “Happy Musicians”.

Gathered together, the children and their parents transformed the company’s yard into a big and joyful playground.

The event is part of the annual program entitled ‘Seavus Kids’. The program includes various activities for the children of Seavus employees, as well as the support to children from marginalized social groups.