The new and improved v6.5 of the most known enterprise software for viewing Microsoft® Project plans, Seavus Project Viewer™ includes the Russian and Chinese Simplified versions and offers innovative features.

The Seavus Products unit is proud to announce the release of new and improved Seavus Project Viewer™ v6.5.After 4 months of hard work, the team managed to widely increase the MS® Project Viewer capabilities and included two new languages, Russian and Chinese Simplified, with the total of 8 languages now avalable. The users can use the project viewer in English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Japanese also.

Moreover, the users can also enjoy the new feature “Import of Custom Excel templates”, which allows to run a project plan in MS® Excel in their own way and present it into standard MS® Project metrics. Another new feature is the Text Style which highlights the critical external or inactive tasks and milestones.With this feature, the workload report can be seen in different time metrics now. Additionally, the team has worked to enable the users an improved work with Baselines, Progress line and Page Setup Dialog.

“It’s been a very good year for us and this release is just a step forward towards greater success. We are especially eager to see the markets in China and Russia opening to us. It was our duty, as the leader on the market, to enrich this product with two additional languages and also to enable our clients with dispersed offices to take advantage of this”, says Biserka Koneska, General Manager, Seavus Products.