Seavus Gaming have successfully penetrated the global gaming market and announced new business solutions for the gaming industry

In the past year, Seavus successfully entered the game development industry, competing side by side with the world’s most prestigious companies in the field. With this step forward Seavus enriched its business portfolio, remaining dedicated to provide the most advanced business solutions.

Seavus successfully operates for over 13 years, working on the world market for advanced technologies and software solutions. The last quarter of 2012 was hallmarked with a successfully penetration in new market segment – the gaming industry.

“The game development industry is a represent of the modern and interactive way of communication, that in the last year was present in virtually all aspects of communication occupying a dominant part of today’s IT market, as well as the marketing and telecommunications industry”, says Mr. Koca Bosku, President of Seavus. “Consumers’ gaming behavior is changing very quickly, so is the whole industry. We understand this change, and therefore we created solutions and games that are ready to be at the forefront in the key segments of this very competitive field”, concludes Mr. Bosku.

At Seavus Gaming we offer business solutions for gaming industry, in both mobile and online environment, such as: Game Wizard, Player Wizard, Odds Wizard, Betting Wizard, Business Intelligence for Gaming, White Label Games, and so on. Our gaming solutions are innovative, modular, customizable, secure, trusted and easy to integrate. Moreover, Seavus has so far released number of games, and has ambitious plan for the incoming year. Transcending the barriers of various devices and platforms, Seavus’ games are now available to all devices utilizing the iOS and Windows platform, and very soon they will be available as HTML5 gaming apps on Facebook.

The story continues with Seavus’ most successful games Yatzy Ultimate and Black Jack Ultimate. In a recent global app contest BestAppEver with 70,000 applications competing in categories for best game developed for the iOS platform, the two Seavus games entered in the top ten mobile and online games – Yatzy Ultimate for the best dice game category and Black Jack Ultimate for the best casino game category.

Today Seavus’ games fight in tight competition with the world’s best known gaming companies like Zynga®, Big Fish®, Playtika® and Electronic arts®. The winners of the contest will be announced on February 26th, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.