The second Summer School “Employability Skills of 21st Century – Meeting the Challenges of the New Technologies” organized by Seavus and SEDC is happening now.

The school is taking place in Krusevo in the period between August 20-26, 2011. It is a unique interdisciplinary program aiming to bring together the best students from secondary schools that have shown excellent knowledge and interest in IT – particularly informatics, mathematics and electronics. This year selection of the attendees was made together with the Macedonian Computer Society that proposed a list of the best students according to the results shown at the National Olympics in informatics.

The main emphasis of this year’s summer school is to acknowledge the importance of gaining the skills necessary for a successful professional career in IT industry, to raise the awareness of importance of these skills and to offer a 6-day training in order to acquire some of the most essential ones. The program is a combination of soft skills and technology, where students will be able to learn how to match their presentation and communication skills and team work into their technical skills, i.e software development.  In this course that covers a full range of topics offering an insight into the most valued skills in the business world, students will work and compete on challenging IT projects.

The ultimate goal of the Seavus Summer School is to provide the participants with a full picture of the development cycle of a software application through simulation of the actual development process in the work environment. Starting from the creative process, through explaining the roles that could be assigned to participants in the project team, up to the actual development process and project closure, the students will learn about all that will be needed for successful functioning in an organizational environment. The lectures and workshops are held by the company’s top professionals, experts and consultants.

The Summer School is organized by Seavus Educational and Development Center (SEDC), as part of the Seavus program for education and development, and it represents just one of the many activities aimed at supporting young talents, students who show affinities and excellent results and undoubted potential in the field of new technologies.