Seavus Education and Development Centerorganizes a four-week summer school for design and coding, titled ‘SEDC Summer Kingdom’, for all interested artists, gamers, designers, programmers, students and creative people, starting from June 12th to July 7th.

SEDC Summer Kingdom will offer a combined, theoretical and practical sessions on programming fundamentals and algorithm design, enriched with hands-on work with real projects, competitions and of course attractive prizes for all participants. The Summer Kingdom students will have an excellent opportunity to join the summer school activities which will include many workshops, lectures, competitions and lots of fun.

Apart from the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, the participants will also get the chance to work with top professionals from the industry and create games, applications and solutions that will yield both experience and benefits. They will have direct mentoring meetings with experts from Seavus and the renowned visual effects and animation company FX3X.

The courses are organized in two major categories, Design House and Code House, mirroring the mega popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Attendance of workshops for Microsoft, Java, Embedded, Adobe, career counseling and other lectures promise both educational and entertainment value for participants.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page or join the Facebook event.