The first ever Android™ Mall is now available with its full featured version.™ Mall brings to life the option for buying the paid Android™ content

As of today, users can buy premium apps, games or e-books available on the first ever Android™ Mall on the market (

The search, selection and downloading the content items is offered through convenient, easy and safe buying process, no matter if the users access the mall via application or the mobile client.

The new release creates a more beneficial environment for developers, too. “In order to ensure a stable place for selling their apps, Mall developed the Licensing Library which allows developers to protect their applications from unauthorized use”, says Mr. Nikola Georgiev, Executive Manager, Mall.

What is more, the revenue share offered to the developers and content providers is the highest in the industry. Moreover, they can market their own apps everywhere in the world, without geographical limits.By the time the commercial version was released, Mall extended the volume of the overall content to more than 4,500 apps, over 1,500 games and 38,000 e-books. In partnership with many device makers, Mall is currently preinstalled on over 5 million devices.

“Our intention with Mall is to make it a place where users can always find something new, something interesting, something exciting. All the content we publish goes through initial editing process and gets an editor’s approval and rating. Even more, we intentionally seek out the best content from the leading content providers so that our customers will always get the most popular and best products”, notes Mr. Georgiev. “Stay with us until the next release when we will extend our content coverage to music, movies and more”, adds Mr. Georgiev.