Seavus announced its latest release Seavus Project Viewer 2016, with complete support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Project 2016.

As the main practice in its twelve years of market leadership, Seavus Project Viewer 2016 comes with complete support for .mpp files created in the latest version of Microsoft Project in this case Microsoft Project 2016. In addition to this, Seavus Project Viewer 2016 opens files created in Microsoft Project 2016 (saved as an older file format, like Microsoft Project 2013, 2010 or the 2007 version), thus providing project managers with absolute freedom when choosing the preferred Microsoft Project version to use.

Seavus Project Viewer 2016 is also the first viewer for Microsoft Project files with support for Windows 10. This features comes as a reaction to users’ needs, many of whom had recently upgraded to Windows 10 and had difficulties opening their Microsoft project plans (.mpp files).  “As a market leader, we must always listen to our customers’ requirements and act accordingly. Thus, the increasing number of requests aiming to support Windows 10, was a signal for us to implement it as quickly as possible and be on track with our customers’ needs”, said Stojan Ganchev, R&D Manager at Seavus Products.

Another new feature included in Seavus Project Viewer 2016 is the Time category, which is an addition to the previously implemented graphical reports. The Time category allows users to create and customize their own professional graphical reports and monitor how a certain parameter changes throughout the lifespan of the project, providing quick overviews for project executives.

“Every release is important to us. But this one brings a whole new challenge – to ease the upgrading to a new version of the software and operating system for our clients. A survey conducted earlier this month showed that many of our 5.7 million customers will be upgrading to Microsoft Project 2016 and Windows 10 in the next 6 months, so we are confident that this release will help them be ready for their new environment”, said Joel Roberts, business consultant at Seavus Group.

To learn more about Seavus Project Viewer 2016 visit: https://www.seavusprojectviewer.com/viewer-for-microsoft-project-2016

To try Seavus Project Viewer 2016 please visit: https://www.seavusprojectviewer.com/free-ms-project-viewer-trial