The Macedonian citizens and companies, notaries, banks, executors, surveying companies and real estate agents, will submit applications for proprietary list and access the data electronically with Seavus’ E-Cadastre. Seavus has developed the first E-Cadastre for the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia, which will enable all concerned parties to be able to browse and access data from the Land Cadastre by using the Agency’s website.

The Seavus’ E-Cadastre enables sending requests for information and applications, as well as obtaining the required data electronically.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Vladimir Pesevski expressed confidence that by implementing the E-Cadastre the total costs for citizens will decrease and the time for completing the required transactions will be much shorter. “This new operation model will effectively improve the operation of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia and will reduce the crowd in the Cadastre’s offices by 40%. This project will bring major benefits for citizens and the private sector, especially in improving the efficiency, transparency and security of transactions”, stated Mr. Pesevski.

According to the Minister of Justice, Mihajlo Manevski, the E-Cadastre is a valuable corruption prevention tool. Before implementing the E- Cadastre project, the documentation process or solving a certain issue related to the ownership of real estate, took days or months, required connections or even a bribe. This electronic system is a step forward in eliminating these problems in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia.

The president of the Notary Chamber of R. of Macedonia, Zlatko Nikolovski, emphasized that the introduction of the E-Cadastre is a major step towards the modernization of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of Macedonia.