The New Seavus AI Chatbot will take Customer Experience to a New Level

Seavus Smart Chatbot uses powerful AI to provide the end customers with a more intelligent customer service and it acts as their personal digital assistant. Read more on the topic in the interview with Marija Nikova, the Banking & Finance Division Manager, who believes that smart Chabot solution can compete with the company's customer service departments in the long run.

The software development and consultancy company, Seavus, has developed a new chatbot that will take the customer experience to a new level. Seavus Smart AI Chatbot is a digital assistant, and thanks to using advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing, it can offer customers a smarter and more customized service available 24/7 on different communication channels.

By comparison, users of other chatbots often need to type their question with predefined wording or in a correct word order to get a matching response. Seavus Smart Chatbot can recognize and understand the user’s intent without the question being asked in a predefined way. It can also check user account balance, propose and execute service upgrade packages, initiate direct payments and money transfer from one account to another.

- “In the near future, Smart Chatbot will analyse user’s behaviour and offer different package solutions based on the user’s previous actions and spending. If you want to send money from a bank or buy a product from a company, the chatbot can guide the user to make a custom choice," says for Telekom Idag Marija Nikova, Manager of Banking and Finance Division at Seavus.

She believes that the AI ChatBot can fit into all industries. In addition, it can also be implemented through corporate social media. The main purpose is to reach the younger generations know as the ’digital generation’.

- The young generation of “Millennials use the phones daily to scroll through their social media channels. Our Smart Chatbot can be implemented on Facebook, Skype and Viber so that we can reach their favourite channels" says Marija.

Seavus Smart Chatbot customizes the service based on the customer implementing the solution, learns from each interaction with the end users and becomes more and more accurate and precise. Using data from the history of the questions asked, different package solutions can be offered to the end user.

In the long term, it can also replace customer service as we know it today. With the majority of tasks being managed automatically, the need for corporate customer service gradually reduces, decreasing significantly the operational costs of the company.

- ”We will go from a manual to an automatic service. However, some complex issues will still need human assistance but in the future, most of the customer service chats will be able to be managed by a digital chatbot. It will reduce the need for customer service personnel and will decrease the company operational costs", she says.

In the future, the end user will want to get a personalized service as much as possible. The user should be able to model their own chatbot avatar in terms of physical appearance and customize everything about it: from a unique face to a personal response.

- ”The users should feel special when talking with their Smart ChatBot assistant. With the help of data, it will be able to recognize the user and what they buy and conduct a behavioural analysis. In this way, it can act as an advisor and offer different solutions based on user’s needs," says Marija Nikova.

For the purpose of this publication, certain modifications and new information have been added to the existing text. The original interview is under the authorship of Johan Forsberg, a journalist at Telekom Idag.

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Translated and modified by Seavus.