Nowadays there is a great challenge to maintain timely informed more than 500 employees. However, today there are enough tools and media which can provide that. Seavus has an opulent life cycle, which is obvious, due to the fact that there are more than 600 employees, a lot of projects and many teams.

Nowadays there is a great challenge to maintain timely informed more than 500 employees. However, today there are enough tools and media which can provide that. Seavus has an opulent life cycle, which is obvious, due to the fact that there are more than 600 employees, a lot of projects and many teams.

This was stated in an interview for the Kurir.mk by Ms. Biserka Koneska, Marketing Manager at Seavus.

We publish the weekly electronic newsletter, “Seavus Life”, in which all events of our previous or forthcoming participation as a company is made public, whether it comes to conferences, fairs, trainings or sports events. The contents of this newsletter is further completed with information on the latest versions of our products, life events in all our branch offices in 6 countries, as well as interviews with our staff. This is in order to get acquainted our colleagues with the professional life of each employee, as well as with their hobbies and interests. Regularly, every week we make a review of the latest technological developments in the world, she said.

Can you capture more of the events organized for the company’s internal needs?

Following and living our values, one of which is the Knowledge, we organize plenty of trainings attended by our staff and students at the technical faculties.

The most interesting and most visited are certainly those where people can socialize to each other for any occasions like anniversaries of the company, Christmas parties etc.

In Seavus we try to overcome clichés, so last week we organized a spring event which included preparing and tasting delicious food in almost all our branch offices around the world. In the offices in Skopje it was particularly interesting because the food for all our employees was prepared by the managers in our yard. All of us enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with beer and good music. Our Telecom Division, which is truly international team, has recently organized a cooking competition in which we could try the local, European, Latin American and Indian dishes. Seavus is a company where in the recent years we have had a baby boom and the number of Seavus children is almost over 150 and traditionally with them we celebrate June 1, the International Children’s Day. Following our strategy to support diversity, we organize Day of Presentations. Our employees present their active hobbies, interests and what they enthusiastically do out of their professional engagements. I must mention the serious sports fans and keen active life lovers. Thus, Seavus has been participating and achieving success in several sports competitions. Last month we participated in Belgrade and Skopje Marathon, and this month we have also participated in the Marathon in Malmo, Sweden. Playing football is on regular basis, as well as basketball and table tennis, so this month we participated in these sports in the Month of Sports in Skopje.

What do IT staff expect from one modern company, except the salary? Does Seavus offer the complete status of a modern employer?

Our staff expect understanding for their multidisciplinary interests and an opportunity for their personal improvements. Seavus is the company in which anyone who has a desire and ambition to be improved can achieve this through numerous trainings, mentoring programs and through the projects of engagement.

In this dynamic time and environment, and industry indeed, people do juggling with their professional and private life, and because of this it is very important to think about the balance between work and privacy. We seriously take the time and resources on this issue. Our equipped gym has been recently opened and it has started to function in our development center in Skopje. Every weekday we have a program of Pilates and aerobics, yoga and exercises that can be done during the work time and on weekends on request and wish of our employees, like the big global companies. We have also developed an entire program that includes a variety of benefits for our employees, improving the quality of their lives, sponsored by Seavus.

What kind of staff education programs are there in Seavus?

We organize Technical, Introductory and Management training programs. The Technical program is dedicated to technologies on software development that we actually do in our work scope. The Introductory program is part of the policy for organizational socialization, created for new employees and the process of their integration, and it includes corporate procedures, development of communication and presentation skills, team work, business ethics etc.. The Management program however, which is active for the third year, includes modern training activities such as, game theory, strategic management, decision-making and the popular “board” games, such as chess. Furthermore, traditional training on the management topics, online lessons carried out by experienced lecturers from reputed colleges of the United States, business simulations, biofeedback, cognitive training activities and many more. I also have to mention our Educational and Development Center  – SEDC where our employees despite the opportunity to be trained, they also get an opportunity to grow themselves as trainers, sharing their expertise with the students.

How do you manage to make the people interested, pleased and focused?

We trust and support our employees in making independent decisions. We direct them towards responsibility acceptance which increases their engagement and sense of belonging, so we have not only interested and pleased staff, but also they become self-conscious and self responsible.

What are Seavus plans regarding the expansion of employees number out of Skopje? On what is this expansion based inside the Republic of Macedonia?

Our aspiration to innovation, increased workload, the access into the new segments of the IT industry and the desire for its development in the country are the reasons for expansion. We shall invest wherever there is development potential for any local IT talents.

What kind of the cooperation does Seavus have with the faculties?

It is excellent. We must emphasize the cooperation with the technical faculties FINKI and FEIT, as well as the Faculty of Economics with whom we have an ongoing exchange of experiences, knowledge and mutual respect. The students are our frequent guests and they have a chance to hear about the experiences of our experts in the “first-hand”, during the training, knowledge competitions and presentations organized by Seavus.

What cooperation do the colleagues of different countries employed in Seavus have? Are there any cultural and national barriers in communication?

This year is our anniversary. Seavus has been existing for 15 years as an international IT company. During this time we have already surpassed those obstacles with the help of advanced technology and communication and by setting the culture of an international company. Business is global and anywhere equally dynamic, so our colleagues from all branch offices belong to the same team that aims to exclusiveness, exchange of knowledge and desire for more than the average.