The top dice game Yatzy Ultimate introduced playing online with Buddies in its newest release for iOS and Windows Phone. Players can now invite their friends and family in the most exciting Yatzy competition and show off their skills.

Yatzy Ultimate, the award winning dice game just released a new feature for iOS and Windows Phone -playing online with Buddies. This is a perfect chance for the players to reach their friends and family and match their Yatzy skills, anytime, anywhere. The game recreates the real-life experience of playing the classic Yatzy and offers players the best fun durign family gatherings, just like the old times.


The journey starts at Noob Alley and Yatzy Ultimate will provide the most adventurous and exciting ride for players and their Buddies. As they advance to higher levels, the risk and potential winnings increase, so every move needs to be planned well. The Online mode gathers the best Yatzy enthusiasts from all over the world and it is a perfect chance to meet new Buddies and learn couple of new tricks from them.

Players can choose to match their skills on three game configurations: Yatzy (Scandinavian), Maxi Yatzy (6 dice) and American Yatzy. Training mode is excellent for practicing skills, as for the risk takers looking for extra fun Bet mode will provide the most entertaining experience!

Join the Yatzy Ultimate competition and download the free version on iTunes, Windows Phone Store and Facebook, or download the paid version for iOS and Windows Phone to experience the game to the fullest. Yatzy Ultimate is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Russian and Turkish.