The top dice game Yatzy introduced a new feature that allows playing relaxed Play & Wait matches on Windows 8.1.

With 4.000.000 users on iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone and Facebook, Yatzy is one of the most popular dice games of challenge. Now, the gaming experience is enhanced with the new mode which gives the players an opportunity to play head-to-head with their buddies, placing low or high stakes without being online to make moves and gain scores!

With this innovative feature, Yatzy players have a perfect chance to connect with their friends, and match their Yatzy skills, anytime, anywhere, cross-platform. The Play & Wait mode, allows the players to play an asynchronous game – meaning that they don’t have to be both online to roll and pick scores. However, the players have to be careful! Although, the timers for the Play & Wait matches are long, the clock is still ticking and the players should keep an eye on the Play & Wait match’s state. But then again, Yatzy brings the notifications to the Play & Wait mode, so no game will be forgotten or chips will be lost!

The new feature is a result of the requests of the Yatzy players, and the company managed to provide more rich experience. As Nikolche Zabev, Project Manager at Game.IO, said: “We pay attention to every single review or request we receive from our players worldwide. We seized the need for this feature on the Windows 8.1 app, so here it is! And, as always, our players are the ones who set the direction how the game will develop, so we encourage them even more to share their experience on blogs, websites, social media, store reviews or just send us an email.”

In addition, to deliver the ultimate experience, the Game.IO team took care of the reconnecting feature, which was already part of the Yatzy Ultimate for iOS and Windows Phone, bringing stability for hours of fun playing and enjoyment.