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TScheduleCleaner™ is a Windows desktop application for hiding/removing sensitive data from Primavera P6 XER project files.

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Often, stakeholders need to review the schedule, but not need to know certain information like costs, rates or units. With the software, Project Managers and Project Schedulers have the ability to remove sensitive data before share the project plan with other parties. ScheduleCleaner will enable them to quickly remove/annonymise confidential data from .xer files while keeping the schedule integrity. The software will not modify the original XER file exported from Primavera P6, but it will make a copy of the project plan with modifications with option to save on desired location.


  • Insert Prefix/Sufix to Project Data - Inserting Prefix/Sufix to different categories in the schedule can give additional information to the person who reads the schedule
  • Mask Project Data - Users can “mask” data in the project plan by encoding personal indetifiable information with custom codes, text or labels. Masking process include inserting value that will cover the one
  • Remove Project Data - Resources, Costs, Activity Steps and Codes can be removed from the project plans before sharing with other parties
  • Quick Clean - Useful when cleaning all parameters from one category in the project plans such as units, rates, cost and prices
  • Automation with Temaplates - Create templates with specific modifying settings for a reuse/li>


  • Saving time with process automation - The manual process of removing project data is time-consuming. Performing Batch Clean in combination with Templates can speed up the process
  • Keep data integrity - The original project file remains unchanged, while a “modified copy” of the .xer file is produced. Contractors and stakeholders will get a file containing the data you wish them to see
  • On time, Personalised Information - Companies can greatly improve their project productivity, communication and security by integrating ScheduleCleaner along with other tools such as ScheduleReader for quick cleaning and reading the project file

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Want to know how Seavus can solve problems specific to your business?