Seavus is the Global Master Distributor of I-Produkts for ScheduleReader™.

Reader for XER, XML and XLS files

ScheduleReader™ is a tool that dynamically presents project data from schedule files, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders.

ScheduleReader™ is designed to deliver the dynamic view of project information among all parties involved in the project. 

As an alternative to sharing schedule data in PDF format, ScheduleReader™ modernizes and improves the process of managing event the most complex projects.

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Project Schedulers can now export project data in .xer, .xml or .xls file formats and share it with their project team and all project stakeholder, saving valuable time spent in exporting separate views of project information for different project teams in PDF format. ScheduleReader™ provides greater control over how the information is shared. As a read-only program it does not require any integration or connection to external databases, making it a secure and fast solution for viewing the schedule data.

ScheduleReader™ improves the project efficiency by allowing users to: 

  • View Project Data - By providing detailed dynamic insights into project activities through Gantt Charts and different views.
  • Track Project Progress - Overview of projects progress, milestones, resource allocation, baselines comparison, predecessors and successor activities and more.
  • Collaboration - Through the Progress Update Feature, you can effectively engage and communicate with all teams to propose and receive activity updates and deliver successful projects.
  • Generate Reports - Create Reports and analyze schedule data with single click.
  • Customize Working Environment - Increase your productivity by organizing your views, filters groups and sorts.

ScheduleReader™ helps Project Controls, Schedulers, Planners, Managers and Project members to better manage their P6® project and bring them to successful completion. The solution is available in two version Standard and PRO version featuring Reports and Dashboard features for more advanced users. 

ScheduleReader™ is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from smaller projects to large scale project and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations. 

With a fast growing user base in the Construction and Engineering and the Oil & Gas industries, ScheduleReader™ is trusted by some of the largest corporations to help manage their projects done on time and on budget. 

The solution is available for Windows only.


  • Dynamic views such as Activity view, WBS, OBS, Resource Allocation, Assignments, Reports and Dashboards, Progress Update and more.
  • Progress Update feature for proposing and receiving progress activity updates and Trace Logic view for tracking predecessors and successor activities.
  • Preview durations and рesource calculations based on your preferred calendar.
  • Advanced filtering, grouping, sorting and printing option.
  • Baselines view for making comparisons of several updated versions of a project file.


  • Improves communication between project teams and stakeholders, leaving no room for miss-communication that can lead to project delays.
  • Supports viewing of schedules saved/exported as .xer, .xml or .xls file types.
  • Saves valuable time for the Project Schedulers by eliminating the need to share project information in PDF or other unsecure formats.
  • ScheduleReader provides dedicated customer support.
  • Ensures structured, standardized and simple way of sharing project information and receiving updates of project status between all stakeholders.

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Seavus is the Global Master Distributor of  ScheduleReader.

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ScheduleReader™ is compatible with and can be used with Oracle® Primavera P6. It is an independently developed reader product by I-Produkts® and it is not a product of Oracle®, nor is it endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with or by Oracle®. Oracle®, Primavera® and P6® are registered trademarks and brands of Oracle® Corporation and/or its affiliates.