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Smart ChatBot



In the era of Millennials and a wide variety of digital services, people are spending most of their time using instant interacting and messaging on their mobile phones and social network platforms. As result of this way of living and behavior, a new conversational model has aroused for the ‘digi’ users – various ChatBot solutions that enable a variety of services to be offered to the user.

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Seavus Smart ChatBot is a chatbot platform that creates an opportunity for any company to take customer relationships to a new level, and provides a personalized service anytime, anywhere, and from any channel.


Replacing the help desk operator by using conversational AI
Providing answers on a predefined set of user stories, gives basic info about opening hours, general company data, available products and services, etc.
Using NLP and ML to recognize language inconsistencies, end-customer intents, and makes the conversation sound more natural and conclusive.


Check account balance, spending behaviour, changing products and/or packages, and access to other services.


Initiate P2P payment, bills payment, exchange currencies - with just a click of a button.


AI Chatbot for analyzing the customer behaviour, aggregate company data about customers and products, learns by interacting with the customer, and advise the customer about different services and offers. Applying AI enables to deliver customized campaign management solutions.

Seavus Smart ChatBot is designed to:

  • Make the customer experience simpler, easier, and efficient
  • AI Chat - Successfully recognize and solve conversation intents
  • Learn from each interaction
  • Retrieve information from the database in real-time
  • Provide personalized conversation and content
  • Detect dead ends and transfers to a live agent
  • Fit client’s needs - a scalable platform with an option for pluggable services
  • Smart ChatBot is chatbot for a website, Skype or Facebook Messenger

Benefits of using Smart ChatBot:

24/7 available support

Revolutionizing Customer Relationship

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase service center capacity

Personalize interactions

Reduce operational costs

Can be connected

Customized campaign


Rich interface

Multi Language

GDPR compliant

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Want to know how Seavus can solve problems specific to your business?

Who can benefit from Seavus Smart ChatBot?


  • General queries (opening hours, locations, information about a specific product)
  • Book appointment via messaging
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Questions about products and services
  • Transactions – Chatbot can be used to initiate transactions, process claims, can get details about account and coverage, etc.
  • Payment initiation

Fintech & Finance institutions

  • Easy customer onboarding
  • Account information details
  • Advisory services - about different services and offers
  • Personal agent – customers can check on account transactions (e.g.,“how much did I spent on restaurants in June?”)
  • Payments inititation

Restaurant industry food and drinks

  • Placing orders anytime – the chatbot will tell when the order will be ready and total cost
  • Payment initiation
  • Book reservations
  • Delivery – order food and organize delivery of the order
  • Teller – customer can use chatbot to reorder menu items, ask questions, see current deals


  • Book appointment anytime
  • Diseases predictions – with Machine Learning and analyzing data Chatbot can predict some diseases with higher accuracy
  • Advisor - asks for symptoms, parameters and medical history, then compiles a list causes for the symptoms and ranks them by order of seriousness


  • 24/7 customer support and help center operator
  • Easy customer onboarding
  • Account info (balance, transactions) and contracts creation
  • Payments initiation and money transfer
  • Financial advisor - about different services and offers, plan bill’s payment, analyzing spending habits or giving investment tips
  • Customized campaign content

Travel agencies & Transportation

  • Teller – info about available arrangements, prices, travel conditions
  • Book an arrangement - reserve room or seat
  • Customized campaign content
  • Book transport – check about available transport from-to destination
  • Check on your vehicle – track the status, location, arriving time
  • Payment initiation


  • Placing orders
  • Easier navigation - narrow down the options for final choice of offered product
  • Payment initiation
  • Teller - answer common customer questions about orders (tracking and returns ),  product details, and whether specific items are in stock


  • Customer service – 24/7 support
  • Customized campaign content
  • Sales – generating leads for sales team
  • Payment initiation