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Smart Wallet


Seavus Smart Wallet is more than a mobile wallet app – it enables payments, money transfer, full budget visibility, and management of the same. Additionally, it provides various spending analytics and account aggregation analytics.

The smart “One to rule all” wallet aggregates all user accounts on one place enabling full control and overview to the end-user, and easy management of its personal finances.

This wallet is white label solution providing full PSD2 compliance.

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Smart Wallet Functionalities


  • Account balance visibility in real time
  • Collect all your bank accounts and balance in one place
  • Initiate payments and money transfer


  • Track all Income and Spendings from your accounts in real time
  • Analyze the history of your budget and spending behavior per selected period


  • Simple and fast way to make payment, single click payment
  • Use your public identifier - phone or email
  • QR code for scan and pay - secure and quick payments


  • Money transfer between your accounts
  • Quick and easy way to send and receive money from friends and family


  • Track and categorize each purchase per type of spending
  • Great visualization of spending per different cost categories
  • Easy to understand graphs and charts explaining the state of your finances
  • Aggregated data across your different bank accounts, credit or debit cards
  • Set limits and notifications per cost category to manage your spending habits


  • Plan your budget and save money thanks to integrated financial manager
  • Set spending limits and notification per amount and cost category
  • Track and manage your different types of spending


  • Manage your finances together with your family
  • Set limits for transactions per family member authorized to use the wallet
  • Track easily children’s spending, set limit and analyze transactions

BENEFITS for End-Users

    Easy usage – day to day transactions using your public identifier - phone or email

    Full financial visibility – collect all your bank accounts in one place

    Quick transfer of money – from anywhere, at anytime

    Manage your finances – set limits and notification, per amount and cost category

    Analyze your spending habits – spending analytics and limitations per cost category

    Strong security setup – keep the transactions secure and eliminate money loss

BENEFITS for Businesses

    Reach out large customer base

    Add value and achieve higher revenue

    Provide instant payment to end customers

    Easy money transfer - from one party to another

    Cost savings - decrease transaction fees by direct initiaton of payments

    Customized Marketing - by using the data and analytics from the Smart Wallet

    Loyalty programs - running loyalty programs becomes easier

BENEFITS for Banks

    Transaction-based revenue

    Cost reduction - cut the transaction processing fees with direct access to accounts

    Increased sales - perfect channel for offering context-based credit and data-driven lending

    Personalized offerings – banking products customized per end user behavior and preferences

    Integrate the Incentive programs – loyalty programs data are stored and analysed

    Increased Customer interaction – using the Smart Wallet as financial planner or advisor

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Want to know how Seavus can solve problems specific to your business?