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Android for Embedded Development


Being on the front line of development inspires us to create the ultimate customer experience. We do this by embedding Android platform into more technologies and systems besides smartphones. We are more than glad to help ODMs and OEMs of consumer products like digital TV and set-top boxes, MIDs (Mobile internet devices), in-car systems, and home appliances to give soul to their devices, appliances or systems.

The embedded services range from providing Board Support Package (BSP) to platform porting. This set of Embeddroid services can be enriched with solutions on a higher level of the Android platform: application development and user interface solutions. Our skilled people and established development processes, along with our established network of consultants in this expertise area, can meet any client's requirements. The symbiotic power of the Seavus' Android services tends to create a complete solution that will satisfy our clients’ needs entirely.


We truly believe that vehicles emerge as the ultimate mobile devices, and by leveraging the Android platform into the automotive world, we can make them smarter. The automotive industry has a real chance to dramatically redefine its offerings and position the future automobiles as an extension of a consumer’s connected lifestyle. Our vision is to establish a supply chain of device manufacturers, content, and service providers, who will partner with us in defining the car of the future.

Extending a vehicle’s features to a user’s mobile device will improve the user’s overall lifestyle. The opportunities for our clients in implementing Android OS in their offering are limitless. Android can be applied in many areas of the driving experience:

  • Car control system
  • On-board GPS and navigation
  • Systems monitoring and diagnostics
  • Infotainment

Consumer electronics

The rise of personal mobile devices ranging from smart-phones to tablets and eReaders changed our lives. The market is revolutionizing the way we communicate and share information and media. Even though this market is getting to its peak, device makers are facing challenges like decreasing costs for materials, providing unique user interfaces, integrating their products with other systems, etc. These challenges will remain, but here at Seavus, we are proud that we can fill all these gaps that device makers perceive as crucial.

With our Android for Embedded services, we can maximize the platform's potential and design new and unique Android experiences for end-users.

Home appliances

Android will soon run through the veins of each home appliance. We are proud that we are leading the way in exploring solutions for embedding Android in users’ homes. Up to now, we demonstrated creativity and imagination for a distinctive step when importing and transforming the Android Platform into an effective household appliance operating system.

Our vision is to associate every-day appliances to mobile devices. All the white and brown goods in our homes can be run on Android. By adding another dimension and exciting new functionalities to these devices, we can shift drastically user expectations.