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Custom Designed Embedded


Using a variety of microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics has provided Seavus' experts with the possibility to develop and deliver diverse embedded devices in various areas of technology. The well-balanced microcontrollers manufactured by STMicroelectronics can to create devices that fulfill complex and difficult requirements with cost-optimized solutions.

Shopping cart Helper

This NFC based electronic shopping cart device, or smart basket, is a small electronics device attached to a shopping basket helping the customers in the big shopping malls to have information about the items they have in their carts. It is used in stores as a kind of shopping assistant device that will inform the customers about promotions and other advertising information. When the customer wants to buy a product from the store, it can be registered into the device and the product is automatically added in customers’ electronic shopping basket list of items. It can also be used to get more details about the product like possible promotions, ingredients, and additional information that is not indicated on the package.

The basic set of functionalities are:

  • Read product information via NFC or Bar Code
  • Display product details
  • List all the items in the basket
  • Calculate the overall sum of all items
  • Communicate with automatic cashier for self-payment
  • Exposing promotion materials during idle time
  • Expose promotional materials while the buyer is moving along the shop
The hardware used in this device is based on development boards from STM. The main board is an STM32F7 Discovery board with the addition of an NFC module which is also STM based. The following list provides more details of the used HW:

  • RSTM32F746G-Disco board with STM32F746NGH6 Cortex-M7 ARM microcontroller
  • M24LR board with M24LR04E-RMN6T/2 Dual Interface EEPROM with I2C and ISO/IEC 15693 RF interfaces, 4 Kbits of EEPROM and password protection in SO8N package
  • RF transceiver board with CR95HF-VMD5T 13.56 MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver IC
The system has a specifically designed GUI for use by diverse customer types. The system has the following features:

  • LCD to expose information
  • Normal GUI with fancy images used by general population
  • Special modes for use by seniors and customers with lowered vision capabilities
  • Depending on screen size, LCD can be used to play images/movies for children sitting on the cart

Payment terminal

A device for advanced payment terminal in every shop where cash is used for buying goods. The system has a set of diverse interfaces for interconnection with external devices like bar code reader, cash box, electronic scales, and similar. A basic requirement for this device is precise control of all the cash which is taken during the daily sales and calculation of all the taxes that should be paid. Additionally, the system has to take care of detailed stock status of all the goods which are stored into the shop where the device is used.

Main features of this advanced payment terminal are:

  • Powerful and cost expensive MCU for the main board
  • Thermal printer with step motor driver
  • 2 graphical displays (192×32 and 192×64)
  • GSM modem
  • Micro SD card socket, to serve as an internal electronic journal
  • External EJ socket for custom electronic journal modules
  • Protected fiscal memory
  • Lead acid charger and Li-Ion battery for power supply
  • Keypad support
  • Barcode support
  • Audio output
  • Drawer support
  • Communication ports: Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, 4x RS232

The system consists of multiple MCU boards with STM chips used. Using STM provides a possibility to use MCU for a diverse portfolio which is a perfect fit for all requirements for this product. Besides the mainboard, the following boards use STM MCU’s as well:

  • Tax storage modules which guarantee detection of any tamper attempts and require encrypted communication with main board
  • Matrix keyboard with detection for single and multiple key presses
  • Battery monitoring and gauge device

Gaming Console

The STM based gaming console is intended to serve as a powerful and cost-effective device that will mostly be used by children, and toddlers as an electronic handheld play tool. Based on our analysis of potential candidate platforms, STM32 Discovery boards fulfill all the needed criteria in order to be used as the base for the development of such a console. The major reason for having such a device is to have:

  • Replacement of parent’s mobile for gaming (Cheap device for children and toddlers to play)
  • Easy to use and play
  • Easy to install new games

The platform provides an excellent system for the development of almost all types of games since it is interfacing diverse input devices like:

  • Simple buttons and keys
  • Touch screen
  • Accelerometers
  • Encoders
  • Analog joystick

The feedback is via:

  • LCD
  • Small embedded speaker or headphones
  • Haptic vibration device

The current version of the prototype is based on STM32F7 Discovery board and also version for STM32F4 Discovery.

3 axis stepper motor control device

Motor control system is a crucial part of a bigger project where a simple and robust solution for precise positioning of a hook is needed. Motor control device’s duty is to control the movement of the hook with high precision as fast as possible for the mechanics used.

Stepper motor drivers used in this 3-axis motor device are STMicroelectronics L6470H as a part of EVAL6470H demonstration board. These boards act as fully integrated micro-stepping motor drivers, and when used in daisy chain configuration it can easily be configured to control all 3 motors from a single SPI master. However, in this configuration, one MCU is used to control two stepper drivers for positioning the hook in Y and Z directions and one MCU is used to control the position of the hook in the X direction by using DC motor with Encoder.

MCUs controls and communicates with DC motor and stepper motor control drivers are based on STM32F415. STM32F415RG is a high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit core and incorporates high-speed embedded memories (Flash memory of 1 Mbyte and 192 Kbytes of SRAM), two PWM timers for motor control.

Wearable Gadget Project

Wearable Gadget or wrist monitoring system is a hardware device that can monitor, detect, and aggregate various body parameters as well as body states (running, walking, etc.). It has wireless communication with a mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0 interface and wired via USB which is also used for battery charging.
The Wearable Gadget device can:

  • Measure ambient temperature
  • Measure skin temperature
  • Compass and target orientation (vibrate or beep towards desired direction)
  • Measure atmospheric pressure
  • Measure altitude
  • Pulse oximeter

The gadget has three modes of operation: normal, fitness, and sleeping mode making it usable during the whole day. Used for measurement of aggregation during physical workouts, pedometer, calories counter, aggregation during sleep, smart alarm, etc.
Hardware components which are part of the Wearable Gadget are:

  • Main MCU STM32L152
  • Barometer ST LPS331AP
  • Simple LCD display (96×68 pixels)
  • Accelerometer and magnetometer – ST LSM303DLHC
  • Temperature sensor – ST STTS751
  • Bluetooth low energy module
  • Simple speaker and vibrator
  • LEDs and photodetectors for oximeter
  • Power management and battery charging