On the footer area of each portal, you can add information about:

title of the company
contact details
links to other resources



The configuration of the footer is enabled through the Configuration page.

After installing the app, navigate to the Configuration page, placed on the left side like shown on the left.


The first thing you need to do is choose from the checkbox, on which Service Desk Portals you want the footer to be placed.



Next on the Configuration page you can write the footer data:

• main title (e.g. © Seavus 2021, All rights reserved)
• appropriate links (URL’s and appropriate titles)



The maximum number of links that you can write is four.


Next on the Configuration page you can see a preview form of the data you have inserted, and how it would look like on the Service Desk Portal.

Before you click Submit, you can click on the back button and change the data if it is necessary.

With Submit you complete the configuration.



Next, switch to the appropriate portals and you can see the footer data displayed on the bottom.

View the app on the Atlassian Marketplace.