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Billing Systems


The stability of a telecom operator is tightly bonded with its billing platform, which creates two major concerns for billing managers:

1) To maintain the cutting edge – it is crucial to launch innovative services, but this requires a very creative and responsive support from the billing operations, in terms of the platform functionality, knowledge and capabilities of the billing support team as well;

2) To lower operational costs while mitigating risks – billing operations need a reliable and agile partner that can efficiently prevent and promptly remedy any incidents, maintaining streamlined and undisturbed operator processes.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services for various leading billing system platforms that were built by decades of work with leading telecom operators. Our services provide a thorough, in-depth quality assurance process, agile development methodology, and lean application lifecycle management practices.

The consulting services offered by Seavus are broad and cover research and development, analysis, testing, evaluation, training, and much more.

System Integration

Seavus System Integration practice combines consulting expertise with project management, quality assurance, and system engineering to deliver end-to-end solutions with synergies between process and technology until systems go-live.

Seavus’ complete partnership portfolio can serve clients with best-of-breed solutions as well as innovative Open Source technologies, including CRM, Business Intelligence, Billing and Revenue Assurance, Post-Billing, Middleware, Mediation, Interconnection and much more, while being technology independent.

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Consulting and Resourcing

Seavus experts are experienced specialists in various telecom business areas. The consulting services we offer are broad and cover research and development, analysis, testing, evaluation, training, etc. We have a history of successful engagements and customer satisfaction globally. The expertise of the consultants with the flexible service delivery model has been proven to be a perfect match for the client’s needs and challenges.

We also have the experience to meet our clients' needs for resources with specific skills. By our low-cost recruitment offering of the right people with the right qualifications, we can contribute to clients' overall success and maintain high productivity.

At Seavus, we take innovative approaches for solutions to new challenges and help clients utilize cutting edge technology to increase their competitiveness. Special attention is paid to the concerns of organizations new to outsourcing, and thus we become a convenient and reliable partner from which clients can expect delivery of the most challenging projects.

If you need any additional information, check out our resourcing and consulting services, and contact our experts. They are ready to help you with your billing systems.
Seavus has the experience to meet clients’ needs for resources with specific skills.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Seavus Quality Assurance is one of the main factors of the successful track record. Implementation, maintenance and operations of complex systems rely on high quality, multi-level testing.

QA Methodology

Seavus has a standard testing approach which assures quality at the end of the development life-cycle. It is based around standardized set of deliverables which ensure:

  • Encapsulation of all testing activities
  • Planning and streamlining the test activities
  • Properly documented results of the testing
  • Measurable performance
The documents that constitute the Seavus Testing framework (and are ISO certified) are:

  • Strategy Test
  • Plan Test
  • Scripts Test
  • Progress Chart Test
  • Exit Memo Test
Important part of the testing framework is also the procedure (testing workflow) that involves:

  • Smoke (Sanity) Testing
  • New Requirements Testing
  • Defect Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing

Check out our Quality Assurance service and learn more on how to deliver the utmost quality.

Application Management

Seavus Application Management allows the client to transfer complex system responsibility and operational activities while keeping ownership and control of the system, allowing the client to focus on their core business. Seavus combines integration from business management to software engineering via the Seavus iALM process (integrated Application Lifecycle Management), that facilitates and integrates requirements, documentation, coding, testing and release management.

Seavus AM helps increase productivity, improve quality, accelerate development, increase resource flexibility and reduce total cost of ownership.

The concept of Seavus unified ALM is a single repository and a single software application suite where all development activities are done, from requirement management to release management, covering:

Administrative information (History, Assignee, Status, Project Manager etc.)
Description of defect, analysis from client side (how to reproduce)
One common core release code base with localization releases if needed
Release strategy to optimize software updates vs. lean production and customer needs

We can help you integrate your application management in no time. Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss and solve your challenges.

Managed Services


Telecom operators need to constantly invest into their IT infrastructure to remain competitive on the market. This creates an overhead on the operator in terms of hiring, educating and maintaining their specialists, as well as perform regular capital investments in new systems procurement and implementation, and existing systems upgrade. At the same time, the capability of the in-house team directly influences the quality of service and operational costs.

The value proposition of the managed services model is for an external company (service provider) to do full business process outsourcing with service provider specialists, and an infrastructure owned by the service provider which is seamlessly integrated with the customer’s environment. This model promises delivering immediate and significant reductions in operating costs, followed by improved and sustainable financial and operational performance during the contract.

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Education & Training

Application Management

Managed Services

Seavus has entered a partnership with Apis Technical Training AB, one of the world’s leading training providers in the mobile telecoms sector. Competences building training programs are gathered to meet the needs of the mobile telecoms operators, system vendors and consultants throughout the world. Seavus provides in-depth technical courses about 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS and 4G/EPS technologies and hands-on planning, optimization and troubleshooting courses.

Training Methodology

Apis’ Dynamic Teaching Methodology™ (DTM) is a highly structured and interactive approach to training and learning that maximises knowledge acquisition and retention. It has proven particularly useful for teaching complex mobile technologies like 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS and 4G/EPS.

Apis’ Dynamic Teaching Methodology™ is based on the following three aspects:

  • Course developers research the relevant 3GPP, ETSI and IETF specifications and summaries the information in the form of a series of tutorials. This course content is then graphically represented in a mind map format to make complex technical relationships easier to understand and remember.
  • All Apis trainers have masters-level academic qualifications and relevant industrial experience. They had all attend a certification program to ensure that they deliver the courses to the highest standard.

The Apis Teaching Methodology is fully interactive. The course materials involve templates (FoldOut® format) that are completed under supervision of the instructor.

Do you want to invest in knowledge? Contact us, our trainers are ready to add value to your business. Learn about the ways we can design the solution that will help you maintain the competitive edge.