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Qlik and PowerBI


Today, modern business intelligence platforms offer a different set of capabilities, enabling users to take advantage of self-serviced and guided analytics in order to answer business questions. Centralized and tightly governed traditional BI platforms are becoming a thing of past, and are being counter-balanced and replaced by modern platforms and tools that promote analytical agility and business user autonomy.
Forward-thinking companies are nowadays moving past IT-led BI and analytics solutions for offers that can be managed autonomously by the end-user. The IT department intervention is minimal and usually at the beginning of the setup of the BI platform itself. Afterward, as a result of the end-user centric approach, the time to insight is much shorter, and users can answer more complex questions in a significantly shorter period of time.

Seavus has quickly realized and adapted to these changes in the BI market and today, we are a company that can successfully help its clients take full advantage of the modern BI platforms. As a Qlik and Microsoft partner, we have extended our offers towards BI consulting services that cover resourcing of QlikSense, QlikVeiw, and PowerBI developers, acting also as a solution provider for both Qlik and PowerBI.